Japan vs. Bulgaria

So I’m going to try and be less of a poo and update this blog more often.

October 3rd: Yukata and Japanese Dancing

The Yukata is a traditional kimono worn during the summer. The fabric is lighter, hence its seasonal use. Since I (at the time) didn’t have enough money to go and get professional photos of me in a kimono, I decided it would be super fun to dress up at school and do silly pictures in front of McDonald’s instead. My roommate Jenay was actually the person who let me know that there was a Yukata fitting on October 3rd, and I’m super glad that she let me know because the day turned out to be super fun!

That morning, I had breakfast with Shiroi-chan (Kaitlin) and decided that we would go to the fitting late. We figured that since the fitting was from 11-12, we’d have an hour to drop-in and get it done. We also figured that not many people signed up, so we’d still have a good selection of yukata from which we could choose (ohhh good grammar for once…).

(Unfortunately, I started writing this post in October, and now I no longer remember what I want to post. January 5, 2010 edit)


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