"(Saturday) Night FEEVAHHH" is actually a movie, not a song title…

Go John Travolta! Go!

So as some of you may know, “Saturday Night Fever” technically isn’t a song title. HOWEVER, “Night Fever” (by the BeeGees, I believe) is, therefore, if you add parenthetical notion (usually used in order to express something that’s not supposed to be there) (oh hello) the title can turn into “(Saturday) Night Fever”! Success!

Soooo today was one among many “last days in Medfield”; however, it turned out to be more frustrating and stressful than relaxing. The morning to afternoon started off normally with a trip to Costco with da bruzzer, dancing in the aisles, and returning home with an array of Dunkin’ Donuts’ beverages. Up and at ’em. Check. Next, came the making of lunch and then lunch with the family and extending family. It was a blast, of course, with the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s funeral playing on our television (may he rest in peace). All jokes aside, the lunch did go very well and our dining room was filled with multiple conversations, laughter in all directions, and storytelling by yours truly of course. After a couple hours, Zach left to come back later, Grandpa John left to care of some business, and Norma left as well. It was then that I realized, “Hey, I didn’t tell the bank that I’d be studying internationally for 4 months.” It’s always an issue I have to deal with since the security on bank accounts is super high these days. So I called the number on the back of my card only to be connected to another number. I answered some security questions and apparently my answers were not “consistent”, so the woman put a hold on my debit card. Faaaaantastic. Less than 24 hours before I leave for Japan and my debit card is blocked. So a sense of stress sets in and I notify the parents. I could see the hairs on the back of my mom’s neck rise. We were in for an awful 5 hours.

So, the first hour we spent talking to different representatives. Each seemed to be a little less intelligent than the next. After frustration set in, panic-mode was creeping up on us. Mom, Dad, and I were looking up banks in the area that were still open, because silly Bank of America closes at 12 pm on Saturdays. What made things worse is that I’m leaving tomorrow, so even though there was a possibility that I could get my card unblocked, I wouldn’t be able to do it. Some lady told me about the process, and she was probably having a sucky day because she wasn’t really descriptive about the steps in order to free my account. Freak. Out. I’d have to go to the bank in person with IDs and everything. One problem: LEAVING. TOMORROW. Good job, bank. Really. (And I know, I know, it’s my fault for not doing this earlier, for leaving this little beast to the last minute. I saw that fault and I figured, there’s no sense in freaking out to the max because we’re trying to solve it, so the best idea is to keep a level head.) So mom decided that we should open a new bank account with another bank just incase our current bank didn’t clear up the situation, because I really had no other options at the time and presenting myself to a teller on Monday morning really wasn’t going to work. (Oh, time is key, it was about 3:00 p.m.. The other bank closed at 5 p.m.. It’s a really good thing we live so close to all these banks…)

So we end up driving in, parking, and walking into the bank when dad calls and says that he has a solution and we should come home. For the security of my account I will not disclose this procedure, however, I can mention that this was “going to work”. Well, it’s a good thing Bank o’ America doesn’t let you speak to the same representative twice (because apparently, the calls get filtered via randomization and you can pretty much land yourself a sales rep. anywhere in the United States of America). So the previous woman gave us a number to send our information to and said that she’d call us once the information arrived. This call would happen “within the hour” (another key phrase). So we sent the documents around 3:50-55 p.m., so right before 4. We then waited for said phone call, and to our dismay no phone call was made. We called them. Some schmuck on the other line had no idea what was up, so another wave of panic set in and mom and I were on our way back to the other bank at 4:44 p.m., stopped at a red light, which was an entire rotation away from being a green on our side again. Wonderful. We were also behind cars that wanted to go the speed limit. It always happens. I have a theory. It always happens that way. Anyways, I decide that it would be best to call the place and at least let them know we’re coming. I know, it sounds stupid because in less than 15 minutes the bank will be closed, but I gave it a try and sounded desperate because I was and said it was an emergency.

THANK YOU CITIZENS BANK for being so nice and patient. We got there on the cusp of 5 and they sat us down and described terms and agreements and what not. It was pain-free, the reps were super nice and they knew exactly what we needed. Plus, they gave little goodies at the end. I mean, come on, that’s pretty great.

Mom and I get back home, but there’s still panic in the air. So I decided that this fight isn’t over, if no one else is going to call BoA, I would. I mean, we made so many calls and talk to so many uhm… slow… people that it seemed ridiculous to call again. But I did anyways because I’m a jerk like that and I really just wanted to give someone a piece of my mind. Which I did, to some guy on the other end who tried to interrupt me, but I totally overpowered him with fast speech. I served a huge dish of rant that I was just thinking about the entire afternoon since the ordeal started. “How can they unblock my account when I’m in Spain, when I don’t give them any identification, but they cant unblock it when I’m in the States, when my parents call and when I call multiple, MUL-TI-PLE times????” ILLOGICAL. Makes no sense. I’m pretty sure I said, “It blows my mind at how much this doesn’t make sense.” Anyways, I hung up with this dude and decided to call again. The rep this time said that I should wait another hour, so I was like, fine. So be it. I waited the hour. Still no call. Bad move, BoA, bad move. At this point, i was angry. I know, let it get the better of me. My bad. I called again. I got lady and immediately asked for her supervisor. Good. Then I was put on hold. For a second I thought I heard a hello, but to my disappointment my hello back did not get, “Hello and thank you for calling Bank of America, my name is blank, may I please have the 16-digits on your debit card, ma’am?” So I waited… for… 10 minutes… hung up and dialed again. This time I got a sweet lady, so I couldn’t yell and be mean, but I was still as fresh as a peach to her. I told her that I was on hold for 10 minutes with the music, and so she didn’t put the music on and stayed on the line. Every few minutes she would let me know that she was still on the line and that she was waiting for confirmation on the arrival of the information I sent in. Finally. Someone who understands. She said, “Miss. Just letting you know that I’m still here and sorry for the wait.” and I said, “Sure. I will wait as long as it takes for us to solve this problem.” Had she been an a-hole I would’ve responded with, “I will sit here and talk to you until my mouth runs dry.” But she was nice, so I spared her the ‘tude. And after that it was cake. She confirmed the existence of the documents we sent, she unblocked my account, answered the question I asked about 3 times (“So if I were to go to a bank, RIGHT. NOW. and withdraw money, would I have a problem”) with a “You should have no problems”, put a note on the card saying that I’ll be in Japan, “apologized” and sent me along my merry way. Bam. Thank the Lord I have a quick tongue and an anger to boot or else giving up would have been our only option.

Gosh, one representative even told my dad that I should take my mom’s debit card to Japan. HE. SHOULD BE. REPORTED. I think that’s why they don’t say their last names. However, they do have transcripts of the conversation if the conversation was recorded. Hopefully they’ll review that one and be like, “Are you the manager?” “Yes.” “You’re fired.” Jeeeez.

So now, I’m up. It’s 11:20 p.m. and I have to go to bed only to wake up at 4 a.m. to catch an 8 a.m. flight to Minnesota. Boston to Minnesota to Honolulu to Kansai. 3.5 hours, 8.5 hours, 8 hours roughly and respectively.

Well, this post will be my last one in Medfield. I’m not sure if I’ll have internet in the other airports or time to write an entry. In any case, I hope to God that the adventures in Japan are more fun than the mud my family and I walked through just to get me there.

See you on the other side! :] Mata ne!

[*The photo was taken on our way home from Narragansett, RI to represent how Funmi was with us spiritually… hahaha <3*]


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