Thank The Cure for creating: Friday I’m in Love

SHIP SHAPE! hahahaaa

Happpyyyy (Freaky) Fridayyyy!! :] So today was pretty awesome. I went to lunch and a movie with an old friend, old as in we used to be stand partners in high school, and I suppose old because he’s oldER than me. Anyways, the entire experience was super fun and funny and Andrew if you’re reading this post (which I’m going to guess that you’re not lol) I had a great day today, good luck in New York, don’t forget me when you’re a rich and famous inventor!!! 😀 haha

On another note: I’M DONE PACKING! Well, done in the sense that all the “important” things are packed. Now all the “less important” things will somehow slip into my suitcase making it weigh more. It always happens. Plus, being done with packing doesn’t seem as impressive as actually being in Japan, which is where most of the KG board goers are right now! (I hope you all had safe flights! I can’t wait to meet you!) I feel like a straggler since I left so late. Hmmm, well, it was definitely worth it to have a longer summer.

Since this semester marks the 5th time I’ll have to pack my bags to head out of the United States (basically, the beginning of each academic semester), I’ve realized that there’s some sort of packing strategy going down and I didn’t even realize it.

  • First, clothing that I’d wear “out”, i.e. Clubbing, bar hopping, painting the town red. That’s usually the first bag that I do, about 2 weeks prior to my departure. 
  • Next comes clothing I’d wear around the house, i.e. t-shirts, pjs, shorts, blah. It’s a bit more difficult to pack since these articles of clothing are regularly cycled from use to the washing machine and vice versa. I usually pack them a week to a week and a half before I have to leave.
  • After house clothes, I pack daily wear, i.e. clothes I’d wear to school. I usually have the most difficulty packing this vacuum bag because I wear these clothes everyday, so they’re most likely in the dirty pile on the floor of my room. Not only do I have to decide if I’m actually going to wear these clothes, but also launder them eventually. This process usually starts a week before I leave and overflows into the week, i.e. laundry starts on Sunday, but the laundry doesn’t get folded or taken out of the machine until about Tuesday. After they’re all clean, they get packed.
  • All that is left at this point is winter-wear. After checking average temperatures in Osaka, Japan and the surrounding areas then comparing these temperatures to those in Spain and Massachusetts, I figure out which clothes I’m going to bring. Fortunately, I have a very limited number of winter shirts so I just end up bringing them all. Unfortunately, I have a winter jacket, winter vest, 3 fake blazers, and sweaters. All of which, I want to bring; therefore they are packed until future me decides their fate. This part of the process is usually done on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • Earlier in the week, which I forgot to mention, or even during the previous week, a series of Wal-Mart and grocery shopping runs are taking place. At these times, I buy things that I could live without, but make life easier, so I buy them anyways (thanks Mom and Dad). I will fill little suitcase, about the size of a carry-on for a businessman, with all-American things from Poptarts to lotion. Average weight for this bag has been between 20-25 lbs. I think this time it’s about 27 lbs… whoops.
  • After everything in the big suitcase is “packed”, the weighing process comes into play. It’s the dreaded time where I step on a scale to see how much I weigh, then pick up the bag and weigh us together, find the difference, and hope that it’s not over 50 lbs. I’m in a pretty good zone right now, about 45.5 lbs. It’s a bit unfortunate, though, that the floor that the scale rests upon is not even, so if I step one way I can weigh 108 lbs and if I step again I can weigh 120 lbs. Hmmm. I hope I don’t have to take anything out at the airport. It would stink to pay the multa (fine).
  • At this point, it would seem like the process is over, the bags are packed. However, I always want to play it on the safe side so I end up rethinking the entire packing process and pull out clothing left and right. Next thing you know, I’ll be in Japan wondering where a certain piece of clothing went and I wouldn’t be able to do anything but shrug and sigh. But, that’s the price you have to price in order to not pay the price of overweight baggage. Hmmm, opportunity cost vs. monetary cost. Yaaa, I’ll go with the first one thanks. I also hope that they allow me to take 2 pieces of luggage since I’m flying domestic then international… Hmm… I guess we shall see.
  • The last step of this process is to pack the carry-on bag, which in this case is a backpack. (Swiss Army Knife approved! Oh boy! lol.) Inside the carry-on goes clothing that I couldn’t fit in my big maleta as well as back up clothing just in case my checked baggage decides to travel other places in the world far, far away from me. Spiteful beasts… After everything is vacuumed, taped, and weighed, the process is finally done* with 24+ hours to spare.
*After the process is finished, other smaller items sneak into my maleta while I’m sleeping and make it heavier. :] hehehe
Fin y fin!
[*Today’s photograph is the brownie mix that Rachel, Emily, and I worked as a team on in order to transfer it to a bigger pan… or as Emily would put it, “THE CORRECT SIZED PAN! TOLD YA” or something of the sort…*]

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  1. Dionna replied:

    ummmm…your strategies confuse me. HAHA but them brownies sho look good!

  2. Danielle Kristin replied:

    haha Ya… I didn't really think it through… And those brownies WERE fantastic!!

  3. Joooooordan! replied:

    Ha ha your packing method makes so much more sense! Mine has been “run around like crazy” thus far, ha ha.

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