"Sweet Thursday"

Matt Costa. It’s a pretty good song.

Soooo Thursday, Thursday, Thursday. What to say about today? Well, for one thing I had a BLAST from this summer’s past, aka JUNE haha. A typical day I suppose –> to townies that don’t have cars… Gotta love Scrabble, “Spirited Away”, and Ronnie’s Slush from North Street Market! I’m pretty sure townies only do the last part of those three things. haha

It’s just a little bit ridiculous because it feels like the beginning and end of summer at the same time. The weather is a bit colder (I wore pants today hmmm), Raquel and I are the only ones in da ‘field, and we’re inside playing Scrabble and watching a movie. Three scenarios that were in play last May and June, and yet here we are at the final days of August. (Of course the weather is cooler the week Skyhawks is not in session. lol Oh well.)

Sometimes I feel like summer was too short. Then I realize how much I actually accomplished this summer and it doesn’t feel so short any more. I would have to say that this summer was definitely the most eventful summer I’ve had in a while (aside from summer 2007, when the graduation party/ going away party train never stopped coming around). Gawd, this summer was a summer well spent and I wouldn’t go back and change a thing… ok ok… maybe I’d spend a little less money, but had I not spent any money, many adventures would have been non-existent. For instance, confusing the cashier at Chipotle; awkward times at the Korean sushi place that’s in Sharon…Canton…Stoughton? lol; Emily’s surprise gift, aka “free” gelato day; eating Chipotle take out at the food court; going to Dunkin’ Donuts and getting “served” (“Did that just happen?” haha AWFUL). And so many other great things this summer were free. Such as, catching a catfish with a drunk worm; Raquel, Emiry, and Fums finally leveling up in Guitar Hero; Scrabble; 45 minutes of playing LIFE; intense shopping cart/ driver lady; driving behind Wheelock (YIKES!); walking behind Wheelock; playgrounds; helping Emily babysit (lol); figuring out the beginning of “Use Somebody” from the end; “The Bachelorette” and “Here Come the Newlyweds” every Monday. It’s been an amazing run. :]

No doubt I’m going to miss Medfield and its homeyness. Yet, all-in-all I’d say I’m ready to pack it up and head to Japan. I’m definitely excited/anxious/NERVOUS/scared, but I guess I’ll just have to take it one adventure at a time.

Well, that concludes this Sweet Thursday’s entry. Tomorrow on “Clam Chowdah, Tapas, and Sushi”:
If Kristin doesn’t forget, she will talk about her packing strategy/ stages. She will also not continue to type in the third person because it is pretentious and annoying. Hasta pronto!

[*The picture today is of the 3rd time I had lobster this summer within a 3 week time period. Some of you may not consider that to be a feat of any kind. I’d say that I’m probably not going to touch a lobster for a few more weeks. I never knew I could get lobster overload.*]


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