Wacky Wednesday: Updated Ultimate To-Do List

Things in RED are things that I changed, things that are BLUE are new goals, things that are PURPLE are completed goals, and things that are highlighted are premature completions.

1. Have 4 languages under my belt by the time I turn 25.
2. Work in a bakery/ be a cake decorator.
3. Maintain a GPA above 3.3.
4. Eat, drink, and be merry with an important University figure[CHECK]
5. Go to Japan 
6. Go back to New Zealand.
7. Befriend a Canadian in Canada.
8. Tell someone completely random that s/he looks good that day/ tell someone completely randomly that they’re amazing (if s/he deserves to be told) [George Kamel: CHECK]
9. Snowboard or surf (whichever comes first).
10. Payback my parents and all my college loans before I turn 40.
11. Graduate on May 13, 2011
12. Travel around Europe with Emily and Funmi.
13. When I’m old and crickety, live somewhere in Great Britain.
14. Learn how to cook actual food.
15. In a small town, own a breakfast/coffeeshop/cupcake café and name it Kristi’s.
16. Own 5 dogs: Pat, Jesus, Digby, Marley, and Kirk.
17. Start a food fight.
18. Learn Tagalog.
19. Get some poems published.
20. Get published in some sort of litmag.
21. Know almost every teacher at my university. [CHECK]
22. Hang out with: Cabañas, Garcia-Serrano, or Tarnoff at some point during or after my college career (haha … I’m pretty sure I still owe Garcia-Serrano un café…)
23. Go to Hawaii.
24. Go back to Prague.
25. Go to Vienna near Christmas.
26. Learn to dance salsa, tango, merengue, bachata…
27. Donate money to SLUM after I graduate (specifically the Theatre department).
28. Buy Dad a boat.
29. Buy Ma a house in Florida.
30. Family reunion with the F/L/P alliance. 
31. Meet Uncle Jing’s kids.
32. Drive to the Cape and back.
33. Ride my bike or walk around Medfield instead of drive.
34. Not be afraid of driving highways. [CHECK: Thank youuu Skyhawks.]
35. Actually send out postcards instead of buying them, buying the stamps, writing on them, and never sending them. (Sorry guys!)
36. Go back to London.

Things I want to do/see/go to while in Japan:
1. At least 1 shrine.
2. Tokyo.
3. Visit some of the places that Dad went to when he was in Japan.
4. 1 clubbing experience just to see if it’s different than Spain.
5. Join 1 club at KG. (If possible.)
6. Continue to update the blog.
8. Buy stuff. (haha)
9. Pokemon Center Osaka!! (Side goal: Buy DDave a Pokeball.)
10. Eat at least 1 thing I’ve never had before. (Oh goodness…)
11. Karaoke
12. Peace sign pictures… everywhere.
13. Harajuku district.
14. A festival of some sort.
15. Learn Japanese and keep up with Spanish.

Fantastic. That’s all I have for now. 


August 27, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Joooooordan! replied:

    Hey, this is Jordan (pink hair, ha ha) from the KG FB group and I have to confess that 1), I am creeping on yo' blog and 2), I LOVE POSTCARDS, have you ever heard of postcrossing.com 'cause it's fab! Also, I'm also determined to find the Pokemon Center, so if you need a travel-friend, I'd do it, ha ha.

  2. Danielle Kristin replied:

    haha! Well hellooo! :] Psh, creep away. That's why it's a public blog! :] Also, I've never heard of postcrossing.com, but not gon' lie I'm on there right now checking it out! It seems pretty cool!! :]

    p.s. Aright, you're officially my travel buddy. 😀 Let's do it!

  3. Anonymous replied:

    Hey, it's Paolina from the KG hub website. cool blog! I totally like your Japan-to-do-list, especially the Pokemon Center part! I didn't know there were one in Osaka. Japan rocks ^^

  4. Danielle Kristin replied:

    Hi there! :] Thanks for reading! I'm pretty sure it's in Osaka… I REALLY want to go!! We should plan a day and GO! 😀

  5. Amber replied:

    OOOH I'll bring you to Tokyo and Harajuku in Tokyo 😀 And take peace pics with you everywhere 😀

  6. Danielle Kristin replied:

    hahah SWEET.

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