Seven Days (NOT by Craig David)

ONE WEEK (NOT by the Barenaked Ladies) until Nihongo! So I have successfully packed 1 check-in luggage, better known as my snack pack! haha I have yet to pack my suitcase of things I actually need, so I should probably get on that sometime.

Also, for some odd reason, this Saturday felt more different than other Saturdays. I think it’s because I actually got to relax, study a bit, and save gas. Además, I could chill today porque I actually have time during next week to run errands since Skyhawks is done!! What a week. Those kids were definitely a handful, not to mention the blazing sauna that was created on the field every day. Oh well, though. It’s over and now I can focus on things like learning a language and packing or something of the sort.

I apologize to any reader out there. My last few posts are a bit lackluster. I’ll be sure to write with amazing grammar and enthusiasm once I am 6 to 16 hours ahead of you.

[*The picture is of one of my campers on my last day of Skyhawks this summer!*]


THIS IS A SHOUT OUT TO DDAVE (and her Asian bf… :P) haha :]


August 23, 2009. Uncategorized.

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