Dear Boston, it’s just a little heat wave…

So when I think “heat wave” I think of that thing kids used to do in my high school where you wait until someone goes out of the classroom (i.e. to the bathroom) and then grab his/her bag, take all the stuff out, flip it inside out, stick all the stuck back in, then zip it up to form a “heat wave” pizza bag type of thing. Ya… no one else? Okay…

Anyways, it’s been super hot and humid for the last few days. Not only is my hair uncontrollable, but also the kiddies at camp this week are beyond ridiculous. What’s more fantastic than 16 sticky, cranky, whiney, little campers in an open field with little to no shade? Nothing. No just kidding. I can think of something: It’s more fun when the sticky, cranky, whiney, little camper decides to “be cute” and give you a hug slash use you as a jungle-gym. That’s always a lovely/ sticky/ damp experience…

It’s been around 90 to mid-90’s which is ridiculous to me and I guess everyone else out there. For you that hail from Texas, SoCal, and Georgia… YES. I am complaining about hot weather that probably seems pretty average to you. :] What’s even more funny about New Englanders and heat is the fact that people are complaining about it. If it rains: We complain. If it’s hot: We complain. There really is no winning. I can’t wait for it to be cold. I can deal with that a lot better than the heat. I hope that Japan isn’t too hot. I checked the average temperatures and in September it’s around 27C, which is about 80F I think.

Speaking of Japan. I’m kind of going to be there in a little over a week. I’m PUMPED, but sooooo not ready for the whole “Japanese language” thing! haha. Wowzers. I’ve already packed two vacuum bags. Hopefully I won’t touch them any more because I want them to stay packed. So with that said, “THINGS I HAVE LEFT TO DO”:

– Pack the rest of my clothes
– Buy snacks and other things that I’ll miss when I’m in Japan
– Get some Yen to pay for amazing things like the fianza at my piso (en Japon, not in Spain… claro) and whatever the other thing is that I can’t remember
– Make sure to pack my passport/visa — IMPORTANT

I really can’t think of anything else right now, but I’m sure I’ll think of more eventually.

P.S. – I’M IN SEMINAR HOUSE 3!! WHOOP WHOOP. I’m pretty pumped for that.


August 20, 2009. Uncategorized.

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  1. Dustin replied:

    Hey no problem! I am still new to the blogging thing so I will add a link to yours…once I figure out how.haha. I am in Seminar House 1. I am REALLY excited! Looking forward to JAPAN!! Hope to see you there!

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