Welcome Back to CMM-120!

The week is still young and so far I’ve managed to go to sleep a lot, go to work, eat a lot of pretzels, and look forward to work again tomorrow. Not to mention the fact that I have failed to write a coherent speech for the KG ceremony. Fun fun. Gotta love deadlines! I have 2 weeks to pump out a 5 minute speech… why does it seem like I’ve done this before…?

In other news: Bwahhh. Being sick is ickyyyy! THAT is my mature take on the grossness that has been taking advantage of my immune system since Sunday night. Sadly, I missed a lunch date with some awesome people… which makes me think that the universe really doesn’t want me to see any of Emily’s NH friends this summer… Hmmm…


August 5, 2009. Uncategorized.

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