With a Lot of Words Upon Your Ruthless Request, Madam

A response to an answer (which I will provide after Wyatt) to Thomas Wyatt’s “Madam, Withouten Many Words” which I have provided below. 
Madam, withouten many words
    Once I am sure ye will or no …
And if ye will, then leave your bourds
    And use your wit and show it so,
And with a beck ye shall me call;
    And if of one that burneth alway
Ye have any pity at all,
    Answer him fair with or nay.
If it be &, {.} I shall be fain;
    If it be nay, friends as before;
Ye shall another man obtain,
   And I mine own and yours no more.
Of few words, sir, you seem to be;
And where I doubted what I would do
Your quick request hath caused me
Quickly to tell you what you shall trust to,
For he that will be called with a beck
Makes haste suit on light desire,
Is ever ready to the check,
And burneth in nor wasting fire.
Therefore, whether you be lief or loath
And whether it give you light or sore,
I am at point I have made an oath:
Content you with nay, for you get no more.
Part of a poetry portfolio for fall 2008:
Essentially: Wyatt writes a poem, lady answers, and I wrote what I thought Wyatt would say as a response to the lady.
With a Lot of Words Upon Your Ruthless Request, Madam
Your wit now sends me to perspire
And your denial hath stoked the flames.
Haste finds me not in light desire,
Nor have I haste in chase and games.
In word or words, I am the same.
My celestial ardors would agree
My inscription skills are to blame.
Can you not think more of me?
Your quick reply hath caused me
To tell you what I want to do,
(And I’m restrained to some degree)
To bed, is where I will have you!
And since we were not friends before
You’ll be mine own, and if not more.
Created: 13 November 2008


May 30, 2009. Uncategorized.

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