Response to Myself

This was the last poem in my portfolio for fall 2008. It’s a response to the first poem in the portfolio called “Myself”. I thought I was being clever by entitling it “Response to Myself” … har har…
Response to Myself
The ache is fleeting.
What was once a clamp around my heart
That made me feel,
that made me taste all the first in Hell
Now tastes of fresh snow.
It feels like a prickly laugh inside
Like sweet kernels exploding in my mouth.
I soak up the juicy splendor.
It still tastes like burning,
But a good burn with a soothing blaze.
No longer do I look for you amidst the trees (1).
No longer to I sit idly on my perch (2).
After my heart, a worm on the pavement after a good rain,
Dangled limply, searched for a crack, and
Searched for you,
I have found the soil on my own.
I have been pecked at,
Half eaten,
And although whatever bit of me is remains,
A bit of me remains.
(1) and (2) References to another poem I wrote, which isn’t on this blog.
Created: 17 November 2008
Honestly, I just like the last two lines of this poem. The rest, I feel, is crap.

May 30, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Anonymous replied:

    I like the ending as well. Is this about heart break or have I misinterpreted it?

  2. Danielle Kristin replied:

    Well, not really “heart break”, but more like the pain from loving someone that doesn't reciprocate. So I'd say “Myself” was about heart ache/break. “Response to Myself” is finally getting over the heartache.

    Thanks for commenting! :]

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