Fishing for Bellybuttons

One of my more recent ones. It still needs to be edited a bit.

Fishing for Bellybuttons
A nook on my tummy,
It’s been there since I can remember.
A connection to my mummy,
But she can’t have me forever.
What my dad did to her,
Is what you did to me.
And you were so sure
That you hooked my belly.
But being who I am,
I nibbled your baited bug,
And when I did give a damn,
I gave your hook a good tug.
Now who’s tugging who?
I feel like a fool,
Because when I’m not with you
I can still feel your pull.
Any night, any day,
I’m pulled this way and that,
So I have something to say,
“I want my bellybutton back!”
I’ll rip it from my skin,
A fate I’ve abhorred.
The hook is within,
But I’ve cut the chord!
Created: 2 May 2009

May 30, 2009. Uncategorized.

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