English Major Trapped in a Business Major’s Body

Winner of Loyola Creative Writing Contest 2009:

English Major Trapped in a Business Major’s Body

I am so ready, oh man,
to ditch this popsicle stand.
Life gave me lemons I can only squeeze by hand.
For four years, my fate is in your command.
For now, I may not understand
supply and demand,
but I know how to feel
I know the value of a home-cooked meal
and the CPI, Crazy Possibilities Index
like, if you have a burn just spray it with Windex
Or the dead weight you feel from a loss
Or the shift to the left and right when you’re with your boss.
I know these economical terms creep into our lives,
like the short term effects if you have two wives,
or how about the long term, age changes you there
where up goes your age, but down goes your hair.
Like if you want to get an A, then no Facebook for the day,
That’s the opportunity cost that you have to pay.
And it doesn’t feel good to analyze this way
Which is why I know that I can say,
I am so ready, oh man,
I am running from this school made lemonade stand,
Now, now I understand.
I’ve had enough of supply and demand,
and I am ready to squish my toes in the sand,
Ready to swim out to where I can’t stand,
Ready to hold summer by the hand.
I am so ready, oh man.
Created: 27-28 April 2009

May 30, 2009. Uncategorized.

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