The Ultimate To-Do List | 12:25 AM

Wowzahhhh. Crazy. The school year is almost over and I’m going to be a juicy junior soon! Still no word from KGU. Am I accepted or WHAT? I dunno… *sigh* Anyways, I’m stuttering whilest I type which isn’t a good sign. The CA/OA’s went out for a semi-formal dinner with the higher-ups of the school. It was a lot of fun! You could either have steak or fish. I took fish since I don’t really eat too much meat here in Spain… ’twas yummeh. I sat next to Father Reale, which was great, except I still giggled like a maniac, which was kind of embarrassing, but I was able to suppress it for the most part. Gawsh my laughter gets me in the most awkward situations… So the whole dinner and drinking with the Rector of my school got me thinking about things I want to accomplish in life, and having a nice dinner and drinks with an important person at my university was definitely one of them, so… check!

So here’s the list thus far, in no particular order:
1. Have 4 languages under my belt by the time I turn 25.
2. Work in a bakery/ be a cake decorator.
3. Maintain a GPA above 3.3.
4. Eat, drink, and be merry with a priest/ the Rector of the University. [CHECK]
5. Go to Japan.
6. Go back to New Zealand.
7. Befriend a Canadian in Canada.
8. Tell someone completely random that s/he looks good that day/ tell someone completely randomly that they’re amazing (if s/he deserves to be told) [CHECK].
9. Snowboard or surf (whichever comes first).
10. Payback my parents and all my college loans before I turn 35.
11. Graduate.
12. Travel around Europe with Emily and Funmi.
13. When I’m old and crickety, live somewhere in Great Britain.
14. Learn how to cook actual food.
15. In a small town, own a breakfast/coffeeshop and name it Kristi’s.
16. Own 5 dogs: Pat, Jesus, Digby, Marley, and Kirk.
17. Start a food fight.
18. Learn Tagalog.
19. Publish a poetry anthology.
20. Get published in some sort of litmag.
21. Befriend almost every teacher at my university. [CHECK]
22. Hang out with: Cabañas, Garcia-Serrano, or Tarnoff at some point in my college career.
23. Go to Hawaii.
24. Go back to Prague.
25. Go to Vienna near Christmas.
26. Learn to dance salsa, tango, merengue, bachata…
27. Donate money to SLUM after I graduate (specifically the Theatre department).
28. Buy Dad a boat.
29. Buy Ma a house in Florida.
30. Family reunion with the F/L/P alliance. 
31. Meet Uncle Jing’s kids.
32. Drive to the Cape and back.
33. Ride my bike or walk around Medfield instead of drive.
That’s all I can think of for now.

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