Last Day of Lent | 10:39 p.m.

So… I realized that I tried to give up saying “like” for Lent … and it was a complete failure. 

In other news:
KevJumba. So true. The new guy for Dragon Ball Z is a WHITE guy. Not that I have anything against white people, but uhmmm it’s an Asian role, wtf? I noticed that Hollywood barely uses Asians unless there’s some sort of fighting role or something about a white castle. Are Asians just not suitable for non-action movie lead roles? 
I guess it’s okay. We end up as doctors, lawyers, cooks, and mani/pedicure artists. If the stuntmen get injured, we’re there to patch them up. If actors want to sue their director for crap work harassment, we’re there to bail them out. If actors are hungry, we can whip them up some amazing Asian cuisine. If actors want their nails to look nice, FIVE DOLLAH MAKE YOU HOLLAH- WE ARE DEHR FER YOUUU! :]
So essentially: Asians rule.

April 11, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Emily replied:

    I watched the video and i thought it was funny/ crazy that they did cast a white kid. I've never seen dragonball except in those quick images they made in his video but to me it also looked like the cartoonists tried to make the asian lead character have white face features. Overall his physical features dont scream asian at me which makes me wonder if maybe they created the cartoon to appeal to both audiences too. I mean i know that with fighting cartoons or movies, they typically use asian characters but do you think its possible that they also tried to create an asian/caucasian cartoon hybrid? i dont know, just something i thought about.

  2. Kristin replied:

    I'm not really sure what they were trying to do. I think it's better to stick to what they know though because Goku is Asian. That's like putting in Jackie Chan in for Batman. hahaha Weird.

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