Facebook: Final Countdown | 9:50 p.m.

So I can’t even remember the last time I was on here. Anyways, I can get on Facebook in 2 days, so says the Lent countdown haha. So it hasn’t felt like 44 days, but they’ve gone by. Jeez. February seems like just yesterday. I feel like spring break is just around the corner, but instead it’s the end of the semester that’s there. 

Things I’ve learned/ done since Lent began:
– If I’m not on Facebook, I find other ways to procrastinate, i.e. Collegehumor.com, YouTube.com, BlogTV.com, OkCupid.com (Not anymore, I deleted my account), and checking my e-mail constantly. 
– If I’m not on Facebook, I study and do homework. The end results, however, are just as bad as when I AM on Facebook… hmmm.
– I cleaned my room (like mopped and swept) twice in this time period. 
– I organized all my stuff almost every other week.
– I’ve contacted the same people I usually stay in contact with when on Facebook.
– I realized how much people rely on Facebook for events, messages, and publicity.
– I’ve noticed that most people on school computers are on Facebook (amongst other sites).
… and it’s weird to be the only person not on my own Facebook.
– It’s weird to see people stalking themselves… it’s even more weird to see people stalking someone sitting in the next room…
I really miss Facebook though. It was a great past time. Sometimes I can’t find fun things to watch on YouTube or Collegehumor and it forces me to work, but that’s not fun because I end up zoning out for half an hour instead…
But ya. That wraps up the last 44 days.
In other news: I dropped off my application to Kansai Gaidai University at the post office yesterday (8 April 2009). They said that it will be sent on Monday and it will supposedly arrive on Friday. I’m nervoussss!! Man-o-man. I also tried to learn a few more Japanese phrases and such, which has proven to be a lot of fun.
Also, I’m really sleepy. I’ve decided that I’m really sleepy most of the time, and I can’t figure out why. I get enough sleep and I’m not stressed out… Maybe it’s because I eat all the time. I dunno… But ya, on that note… I think I’m going to watch a movie and go to bed. :] 

April 10, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Emily replied:

    on another Japan note, my new cousin (aka cousin cause my other cousin just married and its her new husbands daughter who is a junior in college) wants to major in Japanese translation because she got really into anime and already knows a lot of the language but is having trouble finding a school that has a good program for her/one she can get into/afford. So yeah that convo made me think of you and the fact that you will BE IN JAPAN!!!! crazy 🙂

  2. Kristin replied:

    We'll see if I'll be in Japan. Ergh, they still haven't gotten back to me… I'm supposedly already in, but I need the actual paper in order to believe it…

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