7:03 pm

So I feel like I don’t chew my food enough. It seems like I just stick it in my mouth and chew for a bit, then swallow it. I mean, I guess it’s ok, maybe it will land me a job as the President of the U.S. o’ A (Oh no wait, I’d have to swallow pretzel and then choke on them… That’s a completely different scenario… my bad, my bad).

But seriously, for how long do I actually chew my food before I swallow it? It doesn’t seem like a long time and it especially doesn’t feel like a long time if the chunk of food is somewhat whole as it makes its way down into the fierce digestion process.
I just thought of a great persuasive speech topic: How YOU can become the President:
1) Don’t chew your food.
2) Make funny faces while other people are speaking.
3) When making important speeches, make as many grammatical error possible. (haha)
Ok, talking to Ramlon. Rant later… Maybe… Possibly…

March 25, 2009. Uncategorized.

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