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So I read this article on Sparknotes, yes Sparknotes, it was posted in “Today” apparently:

“Day Without a Gay”

December 10 is International Human Rights Day. This year, it’s also Day Without a Gay. Gay Americans are encouraged to “call in gay” to work, protest, refrain from shopping, and volunteer. The idea is to draw attention to the fiscal and social importance gay people have in society, and to argue that as contributing citizens, gay Americans should have full and equal rights.

Is anyone observing Day Without a Gay in your community? Are you participating? Have you noticed a marked impact on your school or office? What do you think of the project in the first place—is it a useful idea?

I might just be speaking out of my bum here since I don’t really know much about this topic aside from the fact that gay people are calling-in-sick. But it makes me a little annoyed because it further differentiates the “gay community”… whatever that is. I mean, honestly. If gay people are allowed to “call in gay” then should straight people be allowed to “call in straight”? 

It’s like if I were to take a day off from school and some lesbian does the same… is there seriously going to be a difference? Doubt it.


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