London update in Vienna 16:00

Ok, so I only have about 12:35 minutes to get this done… so thats probably not going to happen considering the fact that I have to look down when I type… freaking German keyboard…. Ok, so I noticed a lot of things about traveling.

Firstly, London is amazing. I would soooo want to live there… maybe not in the city though. It was cold and drippy for a little while, but otherwise the experience was definitely something I would do again. Our hostel was called the Clink hostel, and it used to be an old officer slash judge slash something place I cant really remember… and it was really close to Kings Cross station… yes… Harry Potter… 9 3/4… HOWEVER… its soooo sad that we didnt actually get to see 9 3/4… instead we stood outside where it possible could be and took pictures because we didnt want to pay to get in. So that was that.

We took a walking tour of everything, so you know, the usual. We saw Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, London Towers, and my favorite THE GLOBE THEATRE! I was psyched… that was awesome. Lets see I also ate lots of nice things. The first day was pretty terrible for me though, and nights as well because I had this cough that could probably propel my lungs across the room had I not covered my mouth. More about that later…

PHANTOM OF THE OPERAAAAA. That was AMAZING. Yes, I have high expectations for the characters because I saw the movie, but seeing it on stage (even though we were in the nose bleed section) was WAAAAAAY cool!

A side note not about London: Im really not enjoying how uptight people are. Yes, times get a little stressful, but these things happen… Learn to go with the flow a little bit? Yes. Thanks. ALSO, Im finding out how much Americans judge people. Its really crazy, and I dont really appreciate it… I cant remember my exact train of thought, but the process is building so Im sure I.ll write more about that later….

Brazillian boy. His name is Roberto. He.s from New York, and he.s 25 yrs old. He.s also super cool, and a musician. It was fun rooming with him… I guess I.ll have to continue this story later because I only have 4 minutes left apparently… thank you little orange pop up.

So. Vienna today and tomorrow then a train to Prague later in the week. That should be fun. Maybe we.ll meet some interesting new people. 🙂

Peace out for now.


March 10, 2009. Uncategorized.

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