Facebook Free Day 6-7? | 23:42

Not too much to report. I just realized that a time stamp on a previous note could be incorrect… Oh military time. Anyways, it’s almost been a week since I booted myself from Facebook. 

Thus far:
– I have studied more than I have since finals last semester.
– I still say “like” and I feel stupid when I don’t because I can’t think of what I want to say… it’s a challenge.
– I’ve been getting crappy grades even though I’ve been studying… hmmm.
Other news: I have to wake up super early tomorrow for Model UN… ugh.. 7 a.m. is going to be RIDICULOUS… I should go to bed now… chances are I won’t fall asleep until 2… especially since I have this raging ache in my head. UGGGGHHHH…. I was going to write a rant about Twitter, but my head hurts, so I think I’m just going to go to bed instead…

March 4, 2009. Uncategorized.

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