MARCH MADNESS Facebook Free Day 5 | 22:49

I’m not really going mad without Facebook. It’s MARCH MADNESS because IT’S MARCH!! WHOOO!! Sweet! I’m so excited for spring break!! But before I get there:


Brick wall. In my face. Lots of love: Microeconomics.
So I’ve been studying since around 1 pm today. And as you can see from the time stamp in the subject it is 22:49… Actually right now it’s 22:51. It’s just that cool. I was wondering why I can study for such a long period of time, and still feel like I haven’t retained anything. Bah.
Oh so, I figured out that I need to get a super nice GPA this semester so that I can keep my cumulative GPA up. Oh yes, that’s |2 A’s|1 A-|1 B+|1 B|1 C|… Ya, I’m giving myself some room to fail a bit… I’m actually not sure if those are the correct grades… I forget now, but whatever, I still need to get at least 3 A’s. Faaaantastic. I’m pumped.
Edit: I dislike it immensely when people “imitate a gay person” by acting like a girl. Being a girl does not equal being gay. Ugh. Some people just throw around “That’s so gay” so much it’s ridiculous. I think I’m going to start saying “That’s so straight” just to confuse people. Seriously. Not cool.

March 2, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Emily replied:

    Your “edit” paragraph is also genius and true

  2. Danielle Kristin replied:

    Well, as an updater on grades. Last semester actually ended up being a fantastic semester grade-wise. Too bad I don't have a butt anymore… I'm pretty sure I studied my butt off to get the grades I got.

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