Facebook Free Day 4 | 22:28

Day 4 without Facebook. Actually, it’s weird because I haven’t really wanted to go on Facebook today since I’ve been working on an Accounting project since noon… Did I mention that its 11:28 pm/ 22:28 military time? HEEEECK YA.

Also, I’ve been following (*coughstalkingcough*) some people on BlogTV.com, and I’m definitely waiting for this one guy to get back online because he’s pretty neat-o. His name is Johnny Mernagh (sp??) and he plays guitar. He’s from Wales (not Scotland, my bad) and he sings and such and answers questions. Some vlogs on BlogTV.com are real stupid though…
OH! Update: I have a cold. Kind of. Either that or the air is really dry and I’m just really thirsty. Apparently drinking water out of the tap is a good thing. Saves water. GOOOO PLANET!
I really don’t have anything else to say since my brain is essentially a piece of toast due to Accounting project madness. Tomorrow I have to study for Microeconomics. Oh dear…
Oh p.s. – Hi Ramlon. :]

March 1, 2009. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Emily replied:

    oh hey lol im sorry there is no new update on your bum…..good luck with your accounting project!! oh and thanks for letting me see your private thoughts 🙂

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