What was on my Tumblr…

Why are people so desperate for attention these days?
So I was on the website BlogTV.com and I was watching a couple vloggers. It seems as though intelligence levels are decreasing and obscenity levels are increasing. I’m talking about both the host and the people watching and chatting.
It boggles me how ignorant people can be or how insensitive people are to other people’s feelings. An open forum for comments automatically gives free reign to any angered person who didn’t get hugged enough or got hugged too much as a child.
– To be continued –

*New Post* BlogTV
Yet another way to stalk people. Wow. Scary.

*New Post* Facebook Free – Day 3 | 20:28
I decided that I want to be a fish. Actually, that fate was decided for me. I like shiny things. Ok, so it’s more of me being caught in the net that is capturing the world and making it smaller. This web is also known as the internet.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary Online, the prefix inter- comes from “ The Latin preposition and adv., inter ‘between, among, amid, in between, in the midst’”. I have glided into the trap of being connected to people I do not see on a daily basis, or even people of whose existence I do not know. I am addicted to typing at lightning fast speeds, toggling windows, and spreading the epidemic of A.D.D..

It’s terrible and great at the same time. I hate and love that the internet has conquered my world (just another reason added to the list of “Why Kristin Needs and Boyfriend” or “Why Kristin Should Get a Job” or “Why Kristin Knows How to Find Anything and Everything on Google”). I would go on an internet-free adventure, and take myself off the internet completely, but even if I’m not there, I am. There is so much information about not only be, but everyone who has the internet, floating around. Anyways, I wouldn’t be able to go without internet for more than a day or I might just end up hurting myself or technology in irreversible ways. Even giving up Facebook is a major issue, but not because I can’t stay off of it. The problem is, now that I’m not checking Facebook all the time, I have more time for other amusing, but trivial things to do.

Ok, I’m running out of steam. I’ve been eating while writing this entry and the food is definitely making me tired (seriously, straight guys, come find me…). Bah. The internet rules…

*New Post* Facebook Frenzy Day 2 | 23:55
So it’s been almost a whole 48 hours without Facebook. I have to say that I feel tempted to login sometimes, but I’m not suffering from major withdrawals… yet. Now that I don’t have Facebook, I look to other ways of procrastinating. Such as, surfing CollegeHumor, YouTube, and Tumblr. Oh yes, my Facebook-stalker skills have been replaced by procrastinating skills. So much for focusing on academics…

Anyways, I’ve realized that Tumblr actually supports video uploads, so I might be able to do that once in a while!
I’m actually a bit creep-ed out by this site because they document “key words” and we can check to see the relationship between words, for example “Myspace vs. Facebook”. Well, one up for those two because I managed to write them in this post… Wow, the media infiltrates all…


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