To be continued…

1. When I do these types of notes, I feel like I need to censor myself because I know that people are judging. So judge all you want because some of these thoughts are raw. 2. I hate people who make drama out of nothing. It’s dumb. We’re adults. Get over yourself. 3. The “Anne of Green Gables” movies are probably the only movies that which I haven’t memorized the lines. I love those movies so much and wish that I were more like Anne and I wish that guys were more like Gilbert. 4. I like to watch the “Making of” part of DVDs and all the special features because it makes me feel like I was there. I watched “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and then the extended version and all its special features in the week that I had left before coming to Spain my freshman year. It makes me nostalgic to watch clips of the special features on YouTube because I have such an emotional attachment to all the people. 5. I like to live vicariously through fictional characters whether they are on screen or in a book. 6. I have the tendency to think that any guy is gay until proven straight. Since the majority of my guy friends are gay, I think of the world in terms of that. To me, gay doesn’t mean “acting like a girl”, it means liking boys. When a guy acts flamboyant, he’s not acting gay, he’s acting like a girl. 7. Sometimes I yell at people just because I feel like yelling. 8. I probably like you. 9. I’m not sure what love is, but I think I was in it for a while, and got out of it really quickly. 10. I can only write poetry really early in the morning and/or when I’m super depressed or sad. The one happy poem that I made turned out to be total crap. 11. I would have followed you to the end of the Earth if you told me that you liked me, but you didn’t. 12. Sometimes I just want to be a misanthrope and not deal with the world because people do stupid stuff to other people and sometimes it’s just not worth dealing with. 13. But to refute myself, I believe that love can overcome all obstacles. I believe that there are different kinds of love. I believe that love allows us to act in ways we never thought possible. I believe that friendship is love-based. I believe that the world is changing for the better. I believe that love changes the world. 14. The Pie Hole. It will exist. And I will have a dog named Digby. 15. “Spoiler alert: The robot falls in love.” 16. 16 is my favorite number. And the only reasoning is because I was born on the 16th of February. 17. I unfriend people on Facebook, then I imagine what it would be like to do that in real life. 18. For basic knowledge you learn about someone during the first time you hang out with them is lost. Whatever happened to the element of surprise? Nowadays, someone can simply login to a virtual profile, go to a prospective lover’s profile, and search for things they have in common. 19. I like to think about how a person 100 years old would feel like today. 20. I hate it when people try to 1-up me all the time. 21. I’m a sap for chick flicks and romantic comedies. 22. I have a lot of ideas for short films, but I lack the proper motivation and skills to be able to make something of them. 23. 24. 25. Facebook profiles are inconsistent and fake. It doesn’t matter how honest a person tries to be on here, there is always something to hide.

I wasn’t tagged in this Note on Facebook, but I felt like it was attention-worthy.

January 28, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Kristin replied:

    Good job past-self. Too bad you didn't post this note. The “25 Things” fad is totally over.

  2. Emily replied:

    BEST QUOTE EVER “6. I have the tendency to think that any guy is gay until proven straight.”

    I think that was an amazing stroke of genius and I wish that other people *coughallmencough* could realize its mostly true lol

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