Fruit Loop Among Cheerios

It is a paradox. I am a different being from myself and differentiate myself from me.
Begin Rant.

Whatever happened to the element of surprise? Nowadays, someone can simply login to a virtual profile, go to a prospective lover’s profile, and search for things they have in common. What happened to speaking, dating, learning who the other person is by asking him/her face-to-face, having a coherent conversation with real “laughing out loud”? 

The reason why I think about these things is because today my peers and I reminisced about a mutual friend. This friend had passed away not too long ago, and we shared stories of how we found out about his death (may he rest in peace). The similar manner through which we all received the news made me realize a sad commentary on lives today. We all found out about this death via Facebook. Somewhere along the lines of “She wrote it on my wall…,” “I saw it on my ‘News Feed’…,” “After I ‘friended’ her, I noticed the note…” I began to think of what the world was like before such easy access to traumatic events. 
Later today I was riding home in a taxi. On the way, the taxi’s path crossed with that of a riot or at least a large get together of people who want peace in Gaza. This event lead to conversations about shootings, which lead to how these shootings were documented. Camera phones or regular cameras recorded these experiences, which would not have been able to be so widely publicized not 10 years ago. 
We can ‘tag’ pictures in which we look good and ‘untag’ those that are not as flattering. But what’s the point? If I were to do that, I would have half as many pictures, which means half as many memories in some cases. Not only that, but also people who actually meet me would not be able to recognize me. I neither wear make up all the time nor dress up every day. Why do we waste so much time and energy trying to create an image that is not us, when we supposedly promote the slogan “be yourself”? It is understandable that we do not want to look like shlubs in public, but if we “friend” our friends, then why worry about being judged? 
What is the point of having 1000+ friends if more than half of them do not know when your birthday is without looking at your profile? Why have “friends” on your profile who you only keep to look through their pictures, not even to comment, but just to scroll through for the hell of it? And when did “defriending” these types of “friends” become offensive? Whatever happened to writing letters, elegant speech, or audacity? Why do people use their status as an indirect way to get someone’s attention? Why do people use their status to tell me that they think brushing their teeth is cool or for cheesy love lyrics or for declarations of affection to someone who probably does not notice or as a cry for help?
Technology has made its way into every day life. We change our social norms, and even our behavior due to these technological advances. We lead different lives, separate from that on our Facebook profile. We build our reputations to a superficial point. We build superficial relationships. We build real barriers. 
End Rant.

January 12, 2009. Uncategorized.

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