I thought that starting up a “blog” would be lame. Firstly, and not seriously critical, it is called a “blog”. Creative title, really. Secondly, I am not committed enough to keep a running tab of my life. Though a conundrum presents itself because I am committed enough to check my Facebook on- what is to me- a regular basis (aka whenever I have the chance and/or when I am bored- two scenarios that occur often.) Thirdly, I cannot support why I decided making private thoughts public. Why bother thinking and creating separate thoughts from the world if the world can see them? However, I realized that I have made a blog before, so I would be a hypocrite and a jerk to look down on the “blogging” community. 

In an effort to find my past, I searched for my old blog on Google. To my dismay, my memories, with the exception of a (mildly) invasive automated screenshot Google took of my blog sometime November 2008, have been erased, temporarily or permanently- I do not know. What I do know is that I have the few outstanding events in my life that I decided to share sporadically from August 2005 to December 2007, which seems like a long period of time; however, during that time period, very few thoughts were made public. 
Though I was enthusiastic to find these memories, I am reluctant to read them. These silly moments portrayed in terrible grammar, made-up slang, and words that I am now embarrassed to even claim were me, and to add to the cheesiness, are me. There is a part of me that still holds on to all the “Chyeah”‘s and “Duhhh”‘s. For some reason I take comfort in these little quirks that remind me of how “cool” I thought I was. It makes me laugh to see how much I have changed since those journal entries, but then again it makes me laugh to see how much I have stayed the same. I know that there was so much that I wanted to say in those entries, but did not say. There is so much that I would like to say now, and hopefully I might motivate myself to be a little bit more dedicated.

January 10, 2009. Uncategorized.

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